Bridge.NET Acquires Saltarelle


As we continue to invest in the growth of our open source C#-to-JavaScript compiler, it’s important to provide the user community with a more powerful and versatile product. To that end, we are excited to announce that Bridge.NET has acquired Saltarelle.

The two leading C#-to-JavaScript open-source compilers have now joined forces.

As more and more users ask us to extend the number of features and supported frameworks, we are looking to accelerate the process by merging the libraries available for Saltarelle into Bridge.NET. As a result, Bridge.NET 2.0 will bring support for TypeScript, NodeJS, jQuery.UI and KnockoutJS.

UPDATE: Bridge 2.0 was re-versioned to Bridge 15.0 and was publicly released in September 2016.

As well, Bridge.NET version 2.0 has already integrated the Microsoft Roslyn parser platform and includes support for all new C# 6.0 language features.

Source Map support for easy debugging right within Visual Studio is also ready to go and will be included in Bridge 2.0. Integration of the Saltarelle unit testing library will boost our code coverage with an amazing total of 5000 unique unit tests.

The Saltarelle website has been fully updated in order to become an integral part of the Bridge.NET online presence.

We firmly believe this is a huge win-win for users of both projects and the .NET community. Bridge.NET 2.0 promises more features, more plugins and professional support, while the community itself becomes larger and vibrant. The Bridge.NET team becomes stronger with the developer and architect of the Saltarelle compiler, Erik Källén, on board, who stated:

The guys at Bridge.NET and I share a similar view of how a compiler such as this should work, so I expect the project to continue moving in the same direction as currently, just much faster.

We are thrilled to welcome Saltarelle and Erik to Bridge, and we’ll have more to share about the integration soon. In the meantime, read more about the acquisition in our Press Release.

If you want to experiment in a C# to JavaScript playground, check out Deck.NET, and our latest C# Async/Await sample.

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Bridge.NET Acquires Saltarelle Press Release.