Bridge v1.6 Released

We’ve blogged about building a Bridge.NET project on Mac and Linux using Visual Studio Code, before. This week, responding to user demand and feedback on the forum and GitHub, we’ve made some great progress in improving support for Mono based tools like VSCode or Xamarin Studio (MonoDevelop).

New Mono and XBuild Support

MonoDevelopVersion 1.6 offers support for xbuild, Mono’s implementation of msbuild, which allows projects that have an msbuild file to be compiled natively on Linux. Whether you are building your own Bridge.NET project or the Bridge.NET solution itself, you now have the Bridge.NET packages pulled from NuGet and IntelliSense working right out of the box.

Visual Studio CodeWe provide the VSCode demo project that you can clone and use as a starting point to building a Bridge project on Mac/Linux. The file has been updated to use the Bridge NuGet package, which is defined as a project dependency in the newly added project.json file. Please, note that in order to build the demo project, Mono version 3.10.0 or greater is required; The mono-devel package gets version 4.0.1 installed in your system, for example.

In the screenshot below, you can see the VSCode demo project loaded into Visual Studio Code on Mac with intelliSense support.

Intellisense in action using Visual Studio Code and Bridge

The output of successfully building the VSCode project using Visual Studio Code on OS X is shown in the following screenshot.

A successful build using Visual Studio Code on OS X

As already mentioned, the Bridge project itself can be built on the Mac/Linux platforms as the following screenshot showcases. Here, the Bridge.Frameworks.Builder solution is successfully built using Xamarin Studio on OS X.

Bridge Main Project just built using Xamarin Studio on OS X

On our GitHub repo, the discussion about Bridge.NET working with Mono on Linux is spread across different issues but if you feel like participating, please reopen issue #106 or better yet, create a new issue and let us know what you think. If you are specifically interested in Bridge on Ubuntu, there is an open discussion recently started on the forums.

More Information

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CDN : bridge.js or bridge.min.js

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