Multi-Platform Bridge

Hello everybody! I am Fabrício, a Developer here at Object.NET, working on the Bridge.NET project. I am posting this to talk about a LinkedIn article I’ve recently published which has received some excellent feedback from the community.

I felt like I should share with the world the experience I’ve had in the recent efforts adding Linux and OS X support to Bridge.NET. Not just the Bridge experience, but the unexpected general .NET and Microsoft recent adoption of open source and multi-platform support for their products.

How much could your company or idea benefit of supporting other platforms?

In short, there were three interesting factors involved in the process: Mono development status, Microsoft’s new policies towards open source/multi-platform tools, and how unexpectedly close Bridge was from actually being able to run on other operating systems, including other IDEs like the new Visual Studio Code from Microsoft or Xamarin Studio (MonoDevelop) from the Mono community.

Does it sound interesting so far? Please check it out here: Windows vs Linux: is the cold war over?

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  1. Birdge.NET:将C#代码转换为JavaScript | ITblog

    […] Bridge.NET的最新版本是2015年8月17日发布的1.8版本。该版本的一项特性是支持多平台操作系统。这一特性可以让Birdge.NET本身运行在多个平台上。目前,Birdge.NET可以运行在Windows、Linux和Mac OS上,并支持微软出品的Visual Studio和Visual Studio Code及Mono社区出品的Xamarin Studio。另外,Bridge.NET现在还提供了JSDoc支持。这是一种用于注释JavaScript源码文件的标记语言。在默认情况下,Bridge.NET会自动将在C#代码中发现的任何XML文档转换成JavaScript文件中的JSDoc注释。该版本还有其它一些特性,此处不再一一赘述。 […]

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