Press Release: Bridge.NET Acquires Saltarelle

Edmonton, Canada – June, 24, 2015 – Object.NET, Inc. announces the acquisition of Saltarelle whereby Object.NET will acquire substantially all of Saltarelle’s code base, libraries, copyrights, domain name, and the Saltarelle website.

The two industry leading open-source C# to JavaScript compiler projects are now merging under the name Bridge.NET.

Bridge.NET lets you write multi platform JavaScript applications in C#, enjoying all the power and features of the language you have already mastered such as Strong Typing, Generics, Async/Await, Lambda expressions and LINQ, just to name a few. At the same time, you can be rest assured that the clean, compliant and optimized JavaScript generated by the Bridge.NET compiler will run on iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and billions of other devices with JavaScript support.

Joining forces with Saltarelle, Bridge.NET aims to accelerate the growth of its infrastructure and supported frameworks through use of the .NET Microsoft® Roslyn platform, support for Source Maps, TypeScript, jQuery.UI, KnockoutJS and NodeJS, as well as utilization of greater than 5000 unit tests.

Of this bold step into the future, Bridge.NET Founder and CEO, Geoffrey McGill said, “This is a huge win-win for all users of both projects; Bringing them together and integrating Saltarelle into Bridge.NET 2.0, our users can expect amazing new features, powerful new plugins, 24/7 professional support and a larger community.”

With their announcement of the deal, McGill and Källén also reiterated their commitment to the open-source community and continuation of the compiler platform under the Apache 2.0 open-source license. McGill said, “Bridge.NET and Saltarelle compilers were both originally developed and released under the open-source Apache 2.0 license, and we have absolutely no plans to change the licensing.”

Founder of Saltarelle and developer of the Saltarelle compiler, Erik Källén will be joining the Bridge.NET team, continuing his contribution as architect and developer on the project.

More information regarding the Object.NET, Inc. acquisition of Saltarelle can be found on the Bridge.NET website (

About Object.NET: Object.NET was founded in 2008 with the goal of building frameworks and tools for .NET developers, such as Ext.NET, an ASP.NET web component framework. In early 2015, Bridge.NET was launched and the team continues to invest heavily into this leading open source C# to JavaScript compiler platform.

For more information please contact:
Geoffrey McGill – CEO
Object.NET, Inc.
Phone: +1(888)775-5888